TFG Rewards: Swipe and Win

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Promotional competition rules for the “TFG REWARDS: SWIPE & WIN” competition



  1. This promotional competition is organised by Foschini Retail Group (Pty) Ltd (registration number 1988/007302/07) (“TFG”).
  2. In these rules, “Promoter” means a person who directly or indirectly promotes, sponsors, organises or conducts the promotional competition, or for whose benefit the promotional competition is promoted, sponsored, organised or conducted, which includes TFG.
  3. No director, member, partner, employee, agent of, or consultant to the Promoter or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the Promoter, their advertising agencies, or their spouses, life partners, parents, children, brothers, sisters, business partners or associates, may enter this promotional competition. This also applies to a person who is a supplier of goods or services in connection with this promotional competition.
  4. All participants must be at least 18 years old at the time of entering the competition and must reside in South Africa.
  5. The Promoter reserves the right to vary, postpone, suspend or cancel the competition, any aspect of the competition and anything related thereto, without notice at any time and for any reason whatsoever that the Promoter deems is reasonable at the time. Should the Promoter, in terms of any law or any authority cancel this promotional competition, no notice of cancellation shall be required. In such event, all participants and winners waive any rights and acknowledge that they shall have no claim, of any nature whatsoever against the Promoter, its directors, agents or employees as a result of the cancellation.
  6. Entry into the competition is automatic for all TFG Rewards customers who swipe their TFG Rewards or TFG Money Account cards in any TFG store (excluding Coricraft, Volpes, The Bed Store and Dial-a-Bed stores) when making a purchase at a TFG store.
  7. Participants may win a prize, but there is no guarantee that they will win a prize.
  8. To automatically qualify for a competition entry, participants must: 
    1. be a TFG Rewards customer or TFG Account customer;
    2. shop in store at any TFG store (excluding Coricraft, Volpes, The Bed Store and Dial-a-Bed stores) in South Africa and swipe their TFG Rewards or TFG Money Account card in store when making a purchase;
    3. if they are declared winners, they will be required to comply with all CPA regulations, failure to do so will result in the prize being forfeited.
  9. There will be 3600 daily winners, across all TFG brands, in total during the competition period. Each winner will win the prize voucher that they select from the available prize vouchers on the redemption portal. 
  10. Multiple entries are allowed for the prizes, 1 transaction = 1 entry.
  11. Prize winners will be issued with an access code via SMS to the number that they have provided on their TFG Money Account or TFG Rewards customer profile.
  12. Prize winners will need to use their access code to redeem a voucher on the redemption portal ( This reward voucher code is only valid for 30 (thirty) days from date of receipt. Failure to do so within the aforementioned timeframe will result in forfeiture of a potential prize.
  13. All winners will be randomly selected by the TFG Rewards system. The winners are final and there will be no correspondence in relation thereto.
  14. Participants could win one of the following prize vouchers and winners will be required to comply with the individual prize terms and conditions as set out on the redemption portal -
    1. R50 Fast Food Voucher – Debonairs; 
    2. R50 Fast Food Voucher – Steers;
    3. 2-4-1 Family Days Experience;
    4. Kids Lessons;
    5. Streaming: 3 Months (Free access TV Streaming) – Viva Nation; 
    6. 2D Movie Ticket - Nu Metro;  
    7. R100 Spa Voucher; 
    8. R100 Return Bus Voucher; 
    9. R75 Cleaning Services Voucher - Sweep South; 
    10. R50 Coffee Voucher - Vida E Café;
    11. R50 Grocery Voucher – Checkers; 
    12. 2-4-1 Barnyard Theater Vouchers;
    13. 2 Weeks Free Planet Fitness;  
    14. 2 Weeks Free Run Walk for Life;
    15. 3 Months Go Rhino Dining;
    16. 1 Free Month Yokee; 
    17. 1 Month Kids Soccer Lessons; 
    18. 1 Free Game Virtual Escape;
    19. 1 Month Free Go Gamers; 
    20. R1000 OFF Premium Hotel Accommodation Voucher; 
    21. Sneaker Shack - Up to 50% off; 
    22. Curves Gym - 2 weeks free access; 
    23. Spotify 1 month subscription;
    24. Skull candy – R100 off sitewide;
    25. One cart spend and get vouchers;
    26. One cart R50 off first time spend;
    27. R200 TLC travel flight voucher;
    28. R500 international flight voucher;
    29. Spur R50 voucher;
    30. Spur R100 voucher;
    31. TFG Discount Voucher R150 off a purchase with a minimum value of R500;
    32. TFG Discount Voucher R75 off a purchase with a minimum value of R350;
    33. TFG Discount Voucher R50 off a purchase with a minimum value of R100; and 
    34. TFG Discount Voucher R500 off a purchase with a minimum value of R1500.
  15. The Promoter and its sponsors do not accept any responsibility for any entries or prizes that are lost, damaged, unusable, or delayed.
  16. The winners will not be entitled to payment, credit or otherwise in the event that they do not claim or utilise the prize to the fullest extent possible. Any item or value unused will be deemed waived by the winners.
  17. Prizes are not transferable and may not be deferred or exchanged for cash, credit or otherwise.
  18. If any taxes, levies, duties or any charges whatsoever are levied on a prize by any competent authority, the winner will be liable for these and the prize value will not be increased to compensate for such charges.
  19. To the extent that a licence (e.g. driver’s licence), proof of identification or permission (e.g. by a parent/guardian) is required in order to accept or use a prize, the winner must produce such licence, identification and/or permission for inspection by the Promoter prior to receiving the prize. If a winner does not or is unable to do so, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be drawn under the same terms and conditions.
  20. This competition will start on 8 July 2024 and end on 31 March 2025 (both days included). No late entries will be accepted.
  21. The winners will be randomly selected by the Promoter’s TFG Rewards system once they swipe their TFG Rewards or TFG Money Account card in-store. The conducting of the competition will be overseen by an independent auditor/attorney. 
  22. The winners will be notified via SMS on the day of purchasing goods from a TFG store whether they have won. If the Promoter is not able to contact a winner, or the winner does not provide the Promoter with relevant and correct information timeously, the prize will be forfeited. The decision of the Promoter as to the winners is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  23. As a condition to receive the prizes, Participants:
    1. Consent to the processing of their personal information by the Promoter(s) and its service providers, but only insofar that it is necessary to give effect to the competition, for example to view the entries, select and announce the winners and deliver the prizes. Winners will be given the opportunity to consent to further processing of their personal information;
    2. Waive their moral rights and grant the Promoter exclusive, unlimited, perpetual and free of charge copyright and usage (in any territory where the Promoter trades), in all media forms of all material, text and intellectual property created and/or published/posted by the participants in the submission of their competition entry. The Promoter will be entitled to use and edit the intellectual property in any manner and in its sole discretion, for an indefinite period of time and in any territory where it trades. Participants will not during or after the closing date of the competition dispute or question the copyright and usage by the Promoter;
    3. Waive any right to demand royalties, usage fees or any other form of compensation or payment for the use of intellectual property in the participant’s entry; and
    4. Should they be selected as a winner, agree to sign an acknowledgment of receipt form in exchange for the prize.
  24. By accepting a prize or by participating in this competition, participants hereby indemnify the Promoter against any damage or losses of any nature whatsoever that the participants may suffer arising from this competition and the prizes, including consequential damages and economic loss.
  25. The winners may be requested to endorse, promote and advertise any of the goods and services of the Promoter and will not unreasonably withhold their consent.
  26. Participants accepting a prize, will be deemed to have accepted these Competition rules. Failure to comply with these rules, or the terms of acceptance of a prize will be deemed to be a rejection of the prize and the winners will then be disqualified from receiving the prize.


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